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Glamour Jewelry is an affordable and convenient way for women to shop for jewelry. 

As a sister founded team, we started Glamour Jewelry because we were tired of hunting for jewelry in clearance sections and not knowing what was on trend or in style. The idea behind the brand was to fix the lack of affordability and convenience in the jewelry shopping process.

We want to give women that confident feeling of throwing on a piece of jewelry to celebrate their style without the expensive price tag or the hassle of shopping around. 

Our mission is to not only bring an accessory to women at an affordable price but to show women the power of jewelry and how it can effortlessly transform an outfit. This brand is made for women by women! 

We hope our monthly jewelry collections remind you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and you deserve to treat yourself. Thank you for believing in us. We can’t wait to continue this journey together and show you what’s coming!

Jan & Hetal